MRA Education Day 2023

MRA is proud to announce that Education Day 2023 will be held November 4thth, at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD

This years event will be a half-day with the opportunity to take in several topics.
Water and snacks will be available, but there will be NO lunch provided. Please plan accordingly.

See below for the course layout and a brief description of each one. (Subject to change)

Room 1Room 2Room 3Room 4
Programmng 101 with XRP’sDiversity, Equity, and InclusionRunning a District EventSwerve 101 (Tentative)
Logging with AdvantageKitAdvocacy 101 and MDACFundraising: SuGO Workshop TrainingHow to Pass Inspection
Diving into Vision with AprilTagsFIRST and Workforce DevelopmentAwards 101 (Tentative)Kickoff Strategy – how to win by doing less
Keeping your robot runningSupporting Autistic Students from the Shop to the EventMaking your build easier with COTS EcosystemsMentor Panel

Programming 101 with XRPs

Learn the basics of programming FRC robots with a hands-on minibot – this session will focus on the fundamentals of FRC programming and how you can use the eXperiential Robotics Platform (XRP) to train your students

Logging with Advantagekit

Introducing the logging framework AdvantageKit and its use in FRC programming by diving into how logging is implemented into robot code, using the visualization software AdvantageScope for viewing log data, and the benefits of log replay. We will be showing AdvantageScope visualizations live, have a robot to generate logs from, display code that we have written for the 2023 season, and demonstrate log replay.

Diving into Vision with AprilTags

With the introduction of AprilTags, the autonomous and teleop assistance capabilities of robots have grown exponentially. This seminar’s goal is to introduce how AprilTags works, how to detect them, how to use their data for localization, and more. We will have live pipelines of Northstar, Limelight, and PhotonVision running on a robot to see how it works.

Keeping your Robot Running

Tired of your robot dying on the field? Learn how to build a robust, reliable control system and how to avoid common ways that robots fail in matches.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

How to create an inclusive environment and promote diversity in FRC

Advocacy 101 and MDAC

Have you wanted to attend the National Advocacy Conference, but prefer to get involved at a more local level? Or you are not sure what Advocacy means?  Come find out how you can help robotics teams grow and become more sustainable in our region. Also learn about the Maryland Advocacy Conference, started by 1111 to target needs of Maryland Teams

FIRST and Workforce Development

Preparing for the future workforce involves gaining skills and credentials, and FIRST programs are the perfect place to start.  Many people are not aware of the possibilities. Learn to share what is important to you to help grow FIRST programs.

Supporting Autistic Students from the Shop to the Event
This workshop will focus on accessibility issues with FRC teams and events that I experienced as an autistic student and volunteer and have heard from other autistic participants. It will also discuss potential solutions to those issues that mentors could apply or build on.